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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Essay on Music Styles

Soul-Genre Inspired Restaurants
The musical themes of restaurants breathe life to the place. Restaurants need music to have the proper identification it needs. People need music and eating in a restaurant with fine music gives them the reason to come back and dine.

A good theme for restaurants is the soul genre. This musical type originated from the United States and has a beat that represents the element of rhythm and blues. Body and hand gestures are important features that describe soul music. This genre uses auxiliary sounds and twirls.

James Brown is a vocalist in Georgia who is known to be the Godfather of Soul. He is one of the great singers, songwriters and recording artists in his time. His hits include “I Feel Good” and “It’s a Man’s World”. He was very popular in the 1960’s because of his unique musical style. Some of his songs in that decade include “I’ll Go Crazy” (1960), “I Got You” (1965), “Cold Sweat” (1967) and “Mother Popcorn” (1969). He has a falsetto voice accompanied by metallic guitar plunking and splintered base line and earsplitting horn group.

This genre is associated with a certain look. James Brown has a signature look of velvet suits. His favorite was the blue crumpled velvet suit.

Soul is basically associated with smoke glasses. The colors are cheerful and loud. Intense orange or sunshine yellow are the colors that can provide an ambiance of soul to the restaurant.  

Having soul genre as a theme in the restaurant is a very wholesome idea. It is totally geared towards a family. The downside of having a soul genre as a music theme for a restaurant is attuned to the now generation. Soul music is not very exciting for the young age bracket. They like other music like pop, rock and hip hop.   

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